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Meet Jillian

Jillian's journey in Broadcasting, started in 1999. It was then when she enrolled in the Institute of Broadcasting Careers, after finishing her secondary school education at Pleasantville Junior and Senior Secondary school, where she studied Food and Nutrition, but that was not where her passion lay. A few years later, when Jillian got her first opportunity at her dream job - a Radio Personality in Birmingham England, at NEW STYLE radio.


Even though the opportunity provided experience and not financial returns, Jillian endured as she knew this was just part of the journey. Upon her return to Trinidad and Tobago Jillian embarked on her Media and Communications Degree and landed her first radio job in her twin island at RADIO TRINIBAGO for 2 years - another layer of experience she welcomed and enjoyed. 

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Over the years Jillian accumulated 15 great years in radio as one of Trinidad and Tobago's professional, smooth sounding, friendly personalities. From Radio Trinbago (94.7FM) to Ebony 104.1FM to currently i95FM, Jillian built amazing relationships from her avid listeners, colleagues, professionals, musicians and more, all of which stand strong to date. As Jillian continued to develop and gain more confidence in the industry, she knew it was essential to get involved in more developmental roles in the industry.  Jillian then religiously made the needed connections with Advertising agencies (locally and internationally) to add her voice to their "pool of resources", as well her on stage professionalism to events as a Host/Emcee.

Ms. Gibbs has had the pleasure of providing voice over services and on-camera acting for a variety of radio and TV commercials. These include, health and medical products and services, financial firms, banks, automotive brands and dealerships, children’s products, retail stores, restaurants and many more.

As Jillian continued assiduously to make a name for herself doing what she loved, life threw lessons, that would demand growth accompanied with a bit of discomfort and recognition that Radio Broadcasting was not the ultimate accomplishment. On February 16th, 2018 after ten years at Ebony 104.1FM Jillian along with other colleagues were laid off with immediate effect. It was during this period the potential and strength Jillian possessed had to emerge establishing Voix J'ai Production (Voice I have). It was created in 2016 but was never materialized. Voix J'ai is a company that provides creative direction, and production of clients advertising needs - from script writing, hosting, voice over talent services, graphics creation, production and more.


Voix J'ai also stood tall behind the small production of Jillian's YouTube channel show - JCHAT, where Jillian chats with various persons within the Creative Industry. That platform is currently re branding to a Podcast in the near future. 

The journey continues for Jillian and only God knows where to next. Check out her commercial demos and video samples to get a taste of what Jillian can do for you professionally. You can also review the list of some of the voice over clients and brands that have worked with Jillian in the past, or read reviews and testimonials.


Welcome to Jillian's website - THE STRENGTH IS IN THE SOUND.

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