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Jillian has an exceptional storytelling skill which she brings to Voix J'ai Production elevating her  brand narrative to the next level, creating an internal agency that spans marketing, design, digital, product, editorial, video, and more. Ms. Gibbs will create immersive, end-to-end brand experiences across multiple customer touch-points, working cross-functionally across your business to understand, conceptualize, engage, and expand its community. At Voix J'ai we care deeply about your business, with a curiosity to push boundaries within an already dynamic and authentic brand. By hiring Jillian you have an enormous opportunity to implement creative processes from scratch your vision is materialized.

The services we offer at Voix J'ai Production are listed below.


Managing the overall advertising campaign for a client, which often includes delegating selective tasks to specialists. Putting the advertising-plan into action under it’s creative function. Generally, it involves activities like: Content development, Copy writing/ Script writing, Drawing photographs, Making illustrations, layouts, audio production to creative an effective ad message, etc. 


Media Placement helps an advertiser to select a proper media (ad platform) to promote his advertisement effectively. 


AUDIO EDITING (from basic clean up of the voice over piece, or to a FULL edit to completion of piece if needed).

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