Can a demo be provided?

Yes a shortened demo can be done within 24 hours of your communication and emailed to you. Listen to my demos and pick a particular one you’d like me to match. When
contacted as mentioned I can record a short demo of your script to give you an idea of my approach. Based on that, you can then give me advice allowing me to modify my piece.

What if there are revisions, corrections or takes?

I will assume that the script you have forwarded is the FINAL and OFFICIALLY APPROVED version. That’s what I will read and record. Once this recording is completed and received,
payment is due within the time frame listed on the invoice.

Important: The recording of a script that was revised after the first, officially approved text was recorded, is regarded as a new project and will be billed accordingly. Retakes that are
the result of mistakes I have made are always free.

What audio format would the piece be submitted in?

Audio files can be recorded and saved in many formats. Prior to recording please let me know what your preferred audio format is, such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC et cetera. Add to that the required bit depth (e.g. 16 or 24 bits) and sample rate (e.g. 44,100 or 48,000 Hz). If you’re not sure, you can ask gain this information from your audio engineer. Unless otherwise instructed, I take it that you would like to receive clean, unprocessed audio.

Are these fully edited or ready to use audio?

Some clients automatically assume that home studio talent will deliver fully edited, ready-to-use audio at no extra charge. Be aware that audio editing is very time-consuming and that it requires a special skill set. Producing one hour of finished audio may take three to four hours of editing! While you may think you’re paying the talent for one hour of work only, he or she might spend half a day in the studio to complete that hour. Unless otherwise agreed, my quote includes an editing fee.

What are the voice over rates and are they based on different variables?

Yes, voice over charge varies and can only be elaborated in supplementary dialogue with the client. My voice-over rates are based on a number of variables: the medium (radio, television, internet), the market (local, national, international), the length, the nature and the use of the audio. The recording you are about to receive may only be used for the purposes indicated in your request and for the length of time and market we agreed upon in advance, unless a buy-out fee has been negotiated. Should you wish to change the original purpose, time and market, you must inform me of your intentions and additional payment is required.

What are the payment options?

Once the job is completed and the voice-over is approved, you will receive an invoice via email. To make sure this invoice reaches the right person and can be processed without problems, let me know to whom the invoice should be sent and to which email address. Please include all the information you need so the invoice can be generated and processed, such as a project number, job code or purchase order number.

How do I receive the final audio file?

In general, large audio files cannot be sent via email. Please let me know how you’d like to receive those files and if you’d like those files to be compressed. Some clients use Dropbox, others use an FTP solution. I often use, a free file transfer service. Once the audio is uploaded, I will send you a quick email. You will also receive an email invitation from to download these files. Important: Technology is never 100% foolproof. If something did not go as planned, let me know ASAP. If you did not receive an invitation to download, please check your spam folder. If you did receive the files, kindly send me a quick email to confirm receipt.