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Emcee, Host or Moderator

Professional Master of Ceromonies

For Corporate and Non-Corporate Events

Jillian is a highly skilled and seasoned Master of Ceremonies. She is known for her exceptional ability to command and direct the flow of entertainment or large social occasions, whether corporate or non-corporate events. As an emcee, moderator, or facilitator, she possesses the poise and polish necessary to make a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes, from small gatherings to large-scale conferences, summits, forums, and panels.

Jillian's expertise extends beyond just being a host. She brings added value to every event she moderates by setting the right tone, reinforcing key messages, and ensuring seamless transitions between speakers and presentations. Her ability to handle potential issues with grace and ease allows her to deliver a full-circle closure at the end of each event.

With her skill as a proficient Master of Ceremonies, Jillian can even change the dynamics of an event by facilitating a more engaging dialogue between speakers and attendees. Her approach encourages different perspectives to be heard, and ensures everyone has a voice.

Jillian's experience as an emcee spans various events, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions lasting from 1 to 2 hours, 2 to 3 hours, or over 3 hours. She has proven her abilities as an MC for various events, including weddings, public board meetings, expos, graduations, concerts, fun events, awards functions, and grand openings.

List of Events

Jillian has Emceed in the Past

  • Various Hair Shows (annual ZM Image Natural Hair and Beauty Show and The Cuts Anthony Cuts Hair Show)

  • The Annual Eat Drink Jazz Show

  • Point Fortin Jazz

  • One of the emcees at the National Panorama Competition for the past 10 years.

  • Pan Trinbago's Award function.

  • San Fernando Corp Society Annual Award function

  • Emcee for the past three years for YING FACTORS(local NGO) CHEF INTERPOL

  • Co-Host to the Fantasia Concert

  • Emcee for local author Akousa Dardaine Edwards' book launch. 

  • Host for the past two for the annual LIGHTS CAMERAS CURVES An Evening of Fashion Beauty and Empowerment 


  • Numerous weddings

  • Numerous workshops

  • Fantasia RNB artist concert

  • San Fernando Credit Union award functions

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