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About Us


Inception of a Dream

How Jillian's Broadcasting Career Started in 1999

Jillian's journey in broadcasting began in 1999 when she enrolled in the Institute of Broadcasting Careers. Although she had completed her secondary school education in Food and Nutrition, her passion lay elsewhere. Her first opportunity at her dream job came a few years later when she became a Radio Personality in Birmingham, England, at NEW STYLE radio.

Building Experience

Enduring Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Jillian's commitment to her craft led her to embark on a Media and Communications Degree upon her return to Trinidad and Tobago. Her journey in radio continued for 20 years, during which she honed her skills as a professional, smooth-sounding, and friendly personality at various radio stations, including Radio Trinbago (94.7FM), Ebony 104.1FM, and i95FM. Jillian built strong relationships with her listeners, colleagues, professionals, and musicians. As her confidence in the industry grew, she also pursued developmental roles in the industry and made connections with advertising agencies, locally and internationally. She also lent her professionalism as a Host/Emcee at events.

Expanding Her Reach

Establishing Voix J'ai Production

Jillian's broadcasting career took a turn when she was laid off from Ebony 104.1FM in 2018. During this period, she realized her potential and strength and established Voix J'ai Production. The company provides creative direction and production for clients' advertising needs, including scriptwriting, hosting, voice-over talent services, graphics creation, and production. Voix J'ai also supported Jillian's YouTube channel show, JCHAT, which is currently being rebranded as a podcast.

Continuing the Journey

What's Next for Jillian

Jillian's career in broadcasting has been a testament to her strength and perseverance. Her journey continues, and only God knows what's next for her. You can listen to her commercial demos and video samples on her website, review her list of clients and brands, and read testimonials. Welcome to Jillian's website - where the strength is in the sound.

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