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  • Can a demo be provided?
    Jillian can provide a shortened demo within 24 hours of receiving communication, which can be emailed to the client. The client will have the opportunity to listen to Jillian's demos and choose a specific one to match. When contacted, Jillian will record a brief demo of the client's script to give them an idea of her approach. Based on the feedback received, Jillian will modify the piece to the client's specifications, demonstrating her professionalism and expertise.
  • What if there are revisions, corrections or takes?
    Jillian ensures high professionalism by confirming that the script provided is the final and officially approved version before recording. This guarantees that the recording aligns with the client's expectations. Upon completion of the recording, payment will be due within the timeframe indicated on the invoice. It is important to note that any revisions made to the script after the initial recording will be regarded as a new project and billed accordingly. However, retakes resulting from Jillian's errors will be free of charge to maintain the quality of her service.
  • What audio format would the piece be submitted in?
    Jillian ensures a professional and convincing delivery of her services by offering a range of audio file formats for clients to choose from. Prior to recording, clients are encouraged to inform her of their preferred format, including bit depth (such as 16 or 24 bits) and sample rate (such as 44,100 or 48,000 Hz). In the event that clients are unsure of their preferred format, they are advised to consult their audio engineer for guidance. Unless otherwise instructed, Jillian assumes that clients prefer to receive clean, unprocessed audio files, further demonstrating her commitment to meeting the needs of her clients.
  • Are these fully edited or ready to use audio?
    Jillian's professional and convincing approach to her services includes educating clients on the realities of audio editing. She notes that some clients may mistakenly assume that home studio talent will deliver fully edited audio without any additional charge. However, Jillian emphasizes that audio editing is a time-consuming process that requires a specific skill set. In fact, producing one hour of finished audio may require three to four hours of editing work. Although clients may think they are only paying for one hour of work, it is possible that the talent will spend a half-day in the studio to complete that hour. To avoid any confusion, Jillian includes an editing fee in her quote unless otherwise agreed upon with the client, further demonstrating her commitment to transparency and professionalism.
  • What are the voice over rates and are they based on different variables?
    Jillian's professional and convincing approach to her services includes a thorough explanation of voice-over charges. She notes that the rates may vary and can only be discussed in further detail with the client. Her voice-over rates are determined by several variables, including the medium (such as radio, television, or internet), the market (local, national, or international), the length, the nature, and the use of the audio. The recording provided to the client may only be used for the specific purposes indicated in their request and for the length of time and market agreed upon in advance, unless a buy-out fee has been negotiated. If the client wishes to change the original purpose, time, or market, they must inform Jillian of their intentions and additional payment may be required. This transparent approach highlights Jillian's commitment to delivering high-quality services while maintaining open communication with her clients.
  • What are the payment options?
    Jillian's professional and convincing approach to her services includes providing clients with clear and concise instructions regarding the invoicing process. Once the job is completed and the voice-over has been approved, the client will receive an invoice via email. To ensure that the invoice is received by the correct person and can be processed smoothly, Jillian requests that clients provide the necessary information, including the recipient's name and email address. This proactive approach demonstrates Jillian's attention to detail and commitment to providing her clients with a seamless and stress-free experience.
  • How do I receive the final audio file?
    Jillian's professional and convincing approach to her services includes providing clients with clear instructions on how to receive and download large audio files. Due to the limitations of email, she advises clients to inform her of their preferred method of receiving these files and whether or not they would like them to be compressed. Jillian suggests using a free file transfer service such as, which she often uses herself. After uploading the audio files, Jillian will send a quick email to the client with an invitation to download the files. However, she emphasizes that technology is never completely foolproof, and if the client encounters any issues, they should immediately notify her. If the client does not receive the invitation to download, Jillian suggests checking their spam folder, and if the files are received, she requests that the client confirm receipt with a quick email. This proactive and attentive approach to client communication highlights Jillian's dedication to providing her clients with the best possible experience.
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